Tuesday, May 5, 2015

My Weekend in Montana

Hello! I hope everyone had a nice weekend and has a wonderful Cinco De Mayo today. I work very random hours at my job, so today and tomorrow happen to be my weekend :) I know its a little delayed, but I would like to share some of my pictures from my trip to Montana last weekend!

Since I started my blog, I have also been very inspired by photography. I inherited my dad's old camera (which I also had to fix up quite a bit), and I have enjoyed using it not only for my blog pictures, but on any trip I have been on. I actually have found that I love to be behind the camera and take pictures (although they are very amateur). I included a few pictures of the beautiful scenery around where I was staying, and a few pictures from the wedding I attended. But first, I had to take a few blog pics of course. I love this Free People dress and the beautiful back details. For this shoot, I decided to adventure out into the small town where my best friend lives and search for some beautiful walls! I love the old red brick buildings, because we really don't see that much in San Diego. I also found some beautiful flowers and adorable little homes! I loved getting to adventure around in a new place and I always love to see how other people live in other parts of the US (and the world). The life in Montana is much more simple, with a lot less people, and a lot less traffic. I definitely understand why many people like to head there to get some peace and quiet away from all the noises of a city.

Now for the wedding... My best friend from High School got married! She moved out to Montana for college, and ended up staying there after graduation and marrying a wonderful man! The wedding was beautiful, and I am so happy for her and this new chapter in her life. I actually got to stay at the wedding venue, and it was so great. The view (above and below) of the snow capped mountains was breath taking, and there were horses and cows everywhere! I included a few pictures of my handsome date (my boyfriend who was wonderful enough to fly out and meet me for the wedding), my best friend, and my mom! I was also honored to be one of the 8 bridesmaids in the wedding, and I included a picture of the beautiful bride and all of us from San Diego.

I know I typically just write about clothes on this blog, but I just had to share this wonderful experience. I love being pleasantly surprised by new places and new adventures in life, Montana is probably a place I would have never visited if it weren't for my best friend being there, but I am so happy I had this opportunity, and I am always down to see a new place that I have never been. If any of you get the chance to even drive through the state, I would highly recommend it!

Thanks for reading :)

Black Dress: Free People (in white)
Bridesmaid Dress: Free People

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