Friday, October 23, 2015

London Town

Happy Friday!!

This week has been crazy busy, and this weekend will be the same, but I wanted to share a few of my London photos and talk about the amazing trip I had. Mostly about the shopping of course... So if any of you find yourselves in London soon, I hope this gives you some ideas!

I am lucky enough to have traveled to Europe several times before, so this trip was actually my third time in London. I had not been to Europe until college when I studied abroad. I lived in Northern Italy for 4 months and I traveled to many other countries on the weekends. This is when the travel bug bit me and I became obsessed with seeing new places and exploring new cultures. Traveling truly does make you realize what a small space you occupy in the world and how many new places there are to explore. Last summer I headed back to Europe and took a road trip around the Continent for 5 weeks. This experience was one I will never be able to beat. I filled a huge photo album with pictures from this trip and I find myself going through it every few months and having the biggest smile on my face. How lucky am I to have had such am amazing experience (not to mention I shared it with one of my best friends).

Now back to my London trip...I had an opportunity to take this trip and I took it in a heart beat. I have so much love for this city and all of its treasures. The nice thing is that at this point I had already done almost all of the touristy things in the city, so I was able to really play the trip by ear. I didn't make too many plans before I left and when I got there I grabbed a map and just went for it. Sometimes that is the best way to travel!

One day I made my way to Oxford St. (a very popular shopping street) where I spent hours in Topshop, Zara, and a few smaller stores. I HIGHLY recommend checking out the Topshop on Oxford St. if you're ever in the city! I also did some shopping along King's Road in South Kensington, which is a super cool area to explore. The neighborhoods around the street are really nice, and the street has some great shopping! Of course I found the Free People pop up shop (which is by far the cutest store I have ever seen), and I also found the biggest Anthro ever!! Both of those streets were amazing, and there were also some really cute shops in Shoreditch where I was staying, but my favorite shopping by far was in Camden.

Camden Town is filled with all kinds of markets. There are many souvenir shops, shops with insane store fronts, and a huge market area filled with leather, jewelry, and vintage goodies. I actually spent two days in this market. I found the most beautiful jewelry, a leather bag, new leather boots, and some awesome gifts for my boyfriend. By these markets there are also a ton of food booths with food from all over. I loved this area and could spend days shopping around here. This place is a MUST SEE!!

Besides all of this amazing shopping, I had a great time eating some English food, drinking cider, and the exploring the famous Harry Potter studios!!

I hope you enjoy a few of the pictures I included from these adventures, and if any of you get a chance to see this amazing city, do it do it do it!!


Monday, October 19, 2015

Fall Finds


Hello loves!!

The last few weeks have been so insanely busy for me and I have had no time to share some of my new pieces, but I am definitely going to get back to my regular blogging schedule asap. Since last time I posted I accepted a new job, went to London for a week long trip, and returned to San Diego and worked a week at the new job. The new job is a full-time marketing position at an awesome company right on the beach, and it has been so exciting to jump into my career. But, don't worry, I didn't leave my Free People job. I couldn't say goodbye to such an amazing company (and amazing girls), so I will still be working there on nights and weekends! I know...having two jobs (and blogging) will keep me super busy, but I think it will also keep me productive! Well, enough about the job stuff.. Let's talk about my trip to London and all of the shopping I did...

I will be posting later this week with some photos from my trip and I will discuss some of my favorite shopping spots in the city, but for now let's focus on this little corduroy dress that I am obsessing over... Of course I spent hours shopping around in the Topshop on Oxford Street in London (those of you who have been there know exactly how insane this store is). I know we have Topshop in America too, but the stores in the UK have so much more product (plus dj's, a restaurant, and the entire shoe line, all inside the store). I found this little dress and I knew I had to have it. I LOVE this deep red color for fall, and I am also a sucker for corduroy. I paired the dress with a simple little white tee, the cutest leather neck-tie from a local brand, and my black Urban booties. I can't wait to layer a chunky sweater over this dress, or pair it with a long sleeve blouse and some tall boots. Bring it on, fall!

Outfit details below

Dress: Topshop
White Tee: Free People (similar)
Leather Necklace: Turquoise & Tobacco