Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Local Finds

Hello readers!

So after my recent move I have been slowly exploring all that this new city has to offer. I have been told what great thrift shopping there is around here, but I didn't believe it until I went myself! I forgot how much fun it is to find great second hand or vintage pieces that work in your own closet.

I made my way into a cute little store called Home Clothing and found a beautiful collection of both new and second hand clothing. I saw these little booties right away and of course they were my size! These babies looked like they had never been worn and they were only $15!! I ended up finding an adorable dress, and this romper too! I love the colors of this romper, and the length is great for taller girls like me. It's comfortable, flowly, and such a steal!

The store I went to is fairly small and they don't have a website, not to mention all of the pieces are unique, so I can't share the exact pieces I got. However, I encourage everyone to check out their local second hand shops and see what cool pieces they can find!

Thanks for reading loves!

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