Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Fall Transition

Let's talk about this whole seasons thing... Living in San Diego makes it pretty rough to imagine wearing anything but shorts and tank tops, but as August continues the fall season is truly approaching, and along with the new season comes new fashion!! Working in the fashion world I have gotten to see first hand how quickly companies begin to push the next season. I have been watching so many fall pieces flow into my Free People store. Although right now it is still very much summer weather in San Diego, I decided to start building my fall wardrobe, but in a way that works for this weather.

The weather is still so hot out, so instead of jeans, booties, and a chunky sweater, I am grabbing fall colored pieces that can be styled for 90 degrees. A perfect example is this vegan leather mini skirt! I LOVE the color of this skirt, and right away I pictured it with a soft, white tee and some brown booties. I love how this white tee (that I've been living in) makes the look much more casual, and summer appropriate. I layered up a few necklaces to pull the look together (and because I always have to wear jewelry of course).

Oh and, THESE SHOES.... These babies are my first fall booties for the upcoming season, and I can't get enough of them. I love the woven leather at the top, and the color is perfect for any fall look. They are very comfortable (with a thick chunky heel), and the heel isn't too tall for me! These booties take this fall look to the next level, and you will definitely be seeing a lot of them in the upcoming months.

Hope this gives you all some ideas for dressing in the fall when it's still hot out! More styles to come!

Outfit details below. xx

White Tee: Free People
Long necklace: Free People
Choker: Free People
Mini Skirt: Free People
Booties: Free People 


  1. Loving this skirt so much!!


  2. Love your sense of syle!!


  3. Well done! I'll never forget my freshman year of college… my dad was living in La Jolla and I'd decided to visit him for spring break. I packed that kind of clothing that I would have packed if I'd been going to Mexico and I froze for the whole week. Now that I live in Germany, the weather has been in the low 70s (kind of the way I remember San Diego weather) and everyone is already making the shift to long sleeves, scarves and booties!
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  4. Such a great transitional outfit! I love the way you knotted the shirt.